Buy Kristina Sigunsdotter's novel Rovfåglar osv. at Adlibris or, if you wish to have a signed copy you can order it at Tictail.

E-book: David Stenbecks Förlag

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Kristina Sigunsdotter is a writer, artist and producer with a Bachelor of Science in Ethnology, English and Journalism currently living in Malmö, Sweden. Since 2007 she has been writing the character blog Lifterskan. She is also the writer of the fanzine ANIMAE and PERIOD .

Download the e-book version of her debut book Sjöpojken here. Or buy the paper-version here.

Listen to Kristina Sigunsdotter and Nicolai Dunger's song Lost in Freedom here.

She is the scriptwriter of the play Systrarna Stormhatt & Det Stora Fågeläventyret, which has been played at the Royal Dramatic Theatre and Stockholms Stadsteater. The music in the play is composed by Georg Riedel and Nicolai Dunger.

She has been working as the Project manager for Swedish literary magazine 10TAL where she has produced The Stockholm Poetry Festival, the Children's Poetry Festival and the literary club KLUBB 10TAL. She is the inventor of The Poetry Factory, a workshop for young poets.


Kristina Sigunsdotter


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